Berkeley Parents Network: Transferring to or from the Albany School District

y greatly improves your odds of getting an out-of-district spot. From the Albany Unified School District web site (

”If you do not live in Albany and want your child to attend Albany schools, you must obtain an inter-district permit from your district of residence. There is no separate application to fill out the permit from your district serves as an application. If you are seeking a transfer based on employment in Albany, there is a form you must submit with the permit. It is available at the District Office, 904 Talbot. If you are seeking a transfer based on childcare in Albany, please submit a letter stating the name, address and a telephone number of the provider. Submission deadline is May 1. Preference is based on category (work-related, childcare, other), not date of submission. …If you have questions, please call Linda Baker at 558-3765.” R.K.