ITEC083001-S14R: Windows 7 Math Input Panel

Windows 7 Math Input Panel
by Gregory Reese – Monday, 10 February 2014, 5:47 PM

Well if no one here has used it before and if you all deem it to be useful then I would conclude that it qualifies as an emerging technology.

Anyone who watches my video can testify that this technology is new to me cause I obviously don’t know what I am doing, so by that definition, it is an emerging technology to me.

In the past I have created all my math classroom activities by hunting and pecking through the Microsoft Office Equation editor, a collection of about 300 math symbols that are listed in random order so, as you are writing your document, you just have to keep looking though the list til you find a symbol that you need, then you click on it, then you place it into your document. It is very slow and hard to use and alot of the important symbols are missing.

Although Windows 7 Math Input Panel is far from perfect, it is a huge step up from microsoft equation editor.