How do I block game requests from friends? | Facebook Help Community

1. Go to the homepage by clicking “Home” button found on top of the page.2. Look for the word “App” found in the left side of your screen.3. Click “Games” that has a letter F logo on a cube-like box. You will then be redirected to a new page that says “Apps Center”4. In the left side of the “Apps Center Activity” page, scroll down then click “Requests” button.5. In the middle or center part of the page, all games requests will show up.6. In each game request, you have 2 options to select/click. “Play Now” and/or “X” buttons.–> Each game request is boxed/classified by whoever send it to you.–> Multiple names might show up per game request whoever send you a game request–> Example: “friend A, friend B and friend c invited you to try Criminal Case.7. Click the “x” button to cancel/block the game request and it will give you a message and 2 options to select from then click whichever you want to. See example below”You hid 27 requests for Criminal Case”Block Criminal Case?Ignore all requests from Friend A?–> When you block the game, no one will be able to send you a game request for that particular game.

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