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Have you filed a CE form with graduate studies? Yes, I submitted the CE form on (MM/DD/YYYY): I will be submitting the CE form on (MM/DD/YYYY): NoWhat is the title of your project?Study Purpose and Activities (in non-technical language):Methods (e.g. survey, interviews, observation) & study population. It is important to note that permission letters are required for participant recruitment or research conducted from any organization. All permission letters must be signed and submitted on the organization/school letterhead. Survey instruments or interview guides used for the study must be uploaded in the next survey question.

Will the research utilize normal educational practices? This includes research on regular and special educational strategies, or research on the effectiveness of or the comparison among instructional techniques, curricula, or classroom management methods.  (If no, the study is not eligible for exemption.)

Please specify which educational practice(s) you will be evaluating and the methods you will use to do so.

 Will surveys/interviews/questionnaires/other tests or instruments be used?

Source: Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software | Current Progress 20%