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B-Wrap: The Alternative to Indoor Storage Now compatible with Premium Balers! Find out how you can get barn quality hay without the barn. Learn about B-WrapLearn about B-Wrap Standard Kit Part Number: BE32467 (7, 8, 9 Series Non-Premium Balers*) Premium Kit Part Number: BE32551 (9 Series MY13 and MY14 Premium Balers) *7 and 8 (MY10 and older) Series balers must be equipped with speed compensation/slip clutch. CoverEdge™ Surface Wrap Bundle CoverEdge™ Surface Wrap Attachment Protects bales from the elements with proven stretch surface wrap Provides better-shaped bales, easier handling and solid edge-to-edge protection Allows bales to retain their high quality during storage to increase market value Part Number: BE32449 (567, 568 and 569) Part Number: BE32450 (467, 468 and 469) Part Number: BE32451 (557, 558 and 559) Part Number: BE32452 (457, 458 and 459)

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