Rotate—Wolfram Language Documentation

Rotate[g, θ] represents 2D graphics primitives or any other objects g rotated counterclockwise by θ radians about the center of their bounding box. Rotate[g, θ, {x, y}] rotates about the point {x, y}. Rotate[g, {u, v}] rotates around the origin, transforming the 2D or 3D vector u to v. Rotate[g, θ, w] rotates 3D graphics primitives by θ radians around the 3D vector w anchored at the origin. Rotate[g, θ, w, p] rotates around the 3D vector w anchored at p. Rotate[g, θ, {u, v}] rotates by angle θ in the plane spanned by 3D vectors u and v.

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