Badly Approximable Points on Manifolds By: Victor Beresnevich

Summary This paper is motivated by two problems in the theory of Diophantine approximation, namely, Davenport’s problem regarding badly approximable points on submanifolds of a Euclidean space and Schmidt’s problem regarding the intersections of the sets of weighted badly approximable points. The problems have been recently settled in dimension two but remain open in higher dimensions. In this paper we develop new techniques that allow us to tackle them in full generality. The techniques rest on lattice points counting and a powerful quantitative result of Bernik, Kleinbock and Margulis. The main theorem of this paper implies that any finite intersection of the sets of weighted badly approximable points on any analytic nondegenerate submanifold of $$\mathbb {R}^n$$ R n has full dimension. One of the consequences of this result is the existence of transcendental real numbers badly approximable by algebraic numbers of any bounded degree.

Source: | San Francisco