Army Corps Section 404/Section 10 – 24_army.pdf

13. BANK STABILIZATION – Bank stabilization ac tivities necessary for erosion prevention provided the activity meets all of the following criteria: a. No material is placed in excess of the minimum needed for erosion protection; b. The bank stabilization activity is less than 500 feet in length; c. The activity will not exceed an average of one cubic yard per running foot placed along the bank below the plane of the ordinary high water mark or the high tide line; d. No material is placed in any special aquatic site, including wetlands; e. No material is of the type, or is placed in any location, or in any manner, so as to impair surface water flow into or out of any wetland area; f. No material is placed in a manner th at will be eroded by normal or expected high flows (properly anchored trees and treetops may be used in low energy areas); and, g. The activity is part of a single and complete project.

Source: Army Corps Section 404/Section 10 – 24_army.pdf