Building a Farm or Amenity Pond – Fairfax County, Virginia

Ordinance and permit requirements Request for permission to build a farm/amenity pond may be granted a “By Right” status (i.e., free of all requirements) if the plan meets the following conditions: The total area of clearing and disturbance for the purpose of building the pond is 2,500 square feet (232.25 square meters) or less. The proposed pond is located outside of a major floodplain, a Resource Protection Area (RPA), or a jurisdictional wetland (the latter being defined by applicable wetland permitting regulations). The pond poses little or no risk to life or downstream property, in case of dam failure or flooding. The proposed location is in an area with ideal soils and topographic features for constructing a pond. There are no proffers (associated with property rezoning) or development conditions (associated with special exceptions, special permits and/or variance) that would affect pond construction.

Source: Building a Farm or Amenity Pond – Fairfax County, Virginia