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Class Number: 10412Fall 2017SCI 499Fee: 300Dates Days and Times Location Faculty- ARR Section: 01ZNotes: Fee: 300For grad thesis students only. To qualify, you must have the following service indicator message in your student record: “CEL 499 Course Requirement.” If this indicator is not in your record, please contact Division of Graduate Studies for assistance.To enroll, you must call CELs Enrollment Services Department, at 415.405.7700, press 5 to speak to an information specialist. You cannot enroll without their assistance.Enrollment is open throughout the semester.

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Solving symbolic equations with SymPy – Stéphane Caron

SymPy has some routines to make formulas more palatable. For instance, it can print sympy.Expr objects (expressions) in LATEX:

The second argument of solve() indicates the set of “output” variables. Indeed, we have three equations for twelve variables. Each equation can be used to express one variable as function of the others. Thus, we can pick three variables and express them as functions of the remaining nine.

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