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Close comments: Automatically close comments on posts and pages.

Close pingbacks and trackbacks: Automatically close pingbacks and trackbacks on posts and pages.

Choose how old: Choose a custom time period as to when the comments, pingbacks and trackbacks need to be closed

Scheduling: You can also schedule a cron job to automatically close comments, pingbacks and trackbacks daily

Bonus: Delete post revisions

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How do I close comment threads? | DISQUS

How do I close comment threads?

Closing a comment thread is used to halt the discussion while allowing the current comments to remain visible. Closing comments can be done several ways:

Automatic closing

For your entire site you can specify how long you want comments to remain open after the thread has been created. You can find this option in your Disqus admin’s Settings > General page under Automatic Closing.

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Monitor and display registered users activity (logins, posts, comments, etc.).

This plugin logs registered users activity in your blog and displays it in frontend and backend.
Activity logged :
    new user
    new comment
    comment edition
    comment deletion
    profile update
    new published post
    published post edition
    post deleted (really deleted, not trashed)
    new link
    login failure (displayed only in admin panel)
    access denied by IP blacklisting (displayed only in admin panel)

Possible usages :

    Monitor unwanted connexions attempts on your blog and block hackers IP.
    Monitor the registered users activity on a multi-users blog.
    Enhance your community blog by displaying to all users what other members have done.

If enabled, user who don’t want to be listed in blog activity can hide its own activity by checking a privacy option in the profile page. In that case, this user activity is not stored in database. When a login failure occurs, the IP address is also logged. Users activity can be followed by RSS feed and can be exported in csv file (semicolon separation).

Admin can follow the blog users activity within dates range with the stats module



Managing Multiple Authors: Customizing the WordPress Author Page | Lorelle on WordPress

A lifestream is a one-stop collection of a person’s activities online, bringing all your trackable online activities into one place. There are a variety of ways to create such a summary collection on your author pages. You can piece meal the thing together or use a lifestream WordPress Plugin.