Mattel Inc. – About Us

September 29, 2013

Hand in Hand: Supporting partnerships of parents, schools and communities.

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USC Rossier Partners with Mattel to Teach Science and Math with Hot Wheels Toys | Rossier School of Education | USC

September 29, 2013

USC Rossier School of Education researchers are developing an engaging, free curriculum that uses Hot Wheels toys to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), with support from the Mattel Children’s Foundation.

via USC Rossier Partners with Mattel to Teach Science and Math with Hot Wheels Toys | Rossier School of Education | USC.

News Center – Sonoma State University

August 21, 2013

Lower Lake High School’s Upward Bound program, in conjunction with Sonoma State University, celebrated another group of successful high school students who proudly enter college this fall. Upward Bound is an educational opportunity program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to assist low income, first-generation students to prepare for and be successful in college. The funding for this program is awarded to Sonoma State University, who partners with Lower Lake High School to deliver services to students.

via News Center – Sonoma State University.

Military Recruiting in High Schools | PBS NewsHour | Dec. 13, 2004 | PBS

February 14, 2012

: We’re inside the Army’s aviation van. It’s equipped with cutting-edge flight simulators, virtual reality systems, and video war games that take you to the front lines.

RECRUITER: Watch out, watch out, watch out.

JOHN MERROW: Here, you can even take the controls of an Apache helicopter. This $1.1 million tractor-trailer travels to schools all across America looking for recruits for our nation’s all-volunteer Army. On this day, the van is stationed at Hoover High School in an urban section of San Diego. It’s career day for the Army.

The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

February 14, 2012

America’s Army was an online game designed by the Army to attract young recruits via simulated combat missions, many of which were modeled on actual battlefields in the Middle East.

Uncle Sam Aggressively Recruits Teenagers as Armed Forces Miss Recruiting Quotas

February 14, 2012


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