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The Greater Good Take on Education

We believe schools must focus on children’s social and emotional lives, not just their academic pursuits. That’s why we’re committed to helping educators and parents understand the science behind social and emotional learning—and then apply those insights to the classroom.

Compassion, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, mindfulness, and resilience are skills that can be taught and developed, and they can lead to both safer schools and greater academic achievement. But more than that, we believe cultivating social and emotional intelligence will lead to a wider transformation, as children mature into young adults who place care, empathy, and social connection at the center of their lives and society.

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Twenty Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment | Edutopia

19. Sit with Your Students. Sitting in a chair made for a child is not the most comfortable thing for an adult. But joining a group of children at their table takes us off stage and let’s us, even just for a few moments, become a member of the group. We might ask a strategic question, inquire about the group’s project, or simply listen.

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Teaching Students to Stand Up and Speak Out | Edutopia

As teachers, we are given the charge and entrusted with preparing students intellectually, ethically, emotionally, and socially. The latter three meaning everyday we are guiding and nurturing students into helpful, altruistic, empathetic citizens — and we expect them to act according to this creed while on school grounds and within classroom walls.

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