School Leadership – Arbor Center for Teaching

The ACT (Arbor Center for Teaching) School Leadership Program is an intensive series of seminars organized and conducted by Kit Abel Hawkins, founder of Arbor School of Arts & Sciences and ACT, designed to help participants identify the elements that must be considered and integrated in reinventing or creating schools of any kind.

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Opal School | Portland Children’s Museum

Opal School of the Portland Children’s Museum is a private preschool (ages 3-6) and public charter elementary school (grades K-5).  Opal School serves as a resource for teacher-research by supporting and provoking fresh thinking about learning environments that inspire playful inquiry, creativity, imagination and the wonder of learning in children and adults.

The mission of Opal School is to strengthen public education by provoking fresh ideas concerning environments where creativity, imagination and the wonder of learning thrive. Stay connected to the Opal School Community by subscribing to the Opal School Blog.

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