Mold Development | Selmax | Full Service Plastic Injection Molding

Selmax operates an in-house dedicated machine shop with expert machinists and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining tools. We produce, maintain and repair injection molds to the highest standards in the industry. Well maintained tooling is critical for manufacturing efficiency and final product quality. We have years of machining experience developing and maintaining injection molds to optimize product manufacturability and product quality. We develop, repair and maintain molds from the very simple to the very complex including:

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HDPE resins for injection molding

HDPE resins for injection molding Colorful, blow-molded bottles for products packaging The characteristics of HDPE resins from ExxonMobil Chemical provide for outstanding quality in blow molding and injection molding applications. Injection molding grades can be applied to a wide range of products from housewares, food containers and ice cream tubs to more demanding applications such as pallets and crates.

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