Madison County SWCD Rentals

No-Till Drill The No-Till Drill has three separate seed boxes. One seed box is for small seeds, one box is for larger seeds such as oats, rye, or various grasses and the third box is designed for large, fluffy seeds such as warm season grasses. It is the perfect tool to seed pastures, filter strips, winter cover crops, pastures, alfalfa, prairie plantings, and development sites. Reserve the drill today for your conservation project!

Source: Madison County SWCD Rentals

Alternative Hays for Horses – Kentucky Equine Research

All types of sorghum contain cyanogenic glycosides, although there is quite a bit of variation among species and varieties. Some types of sorghum have been associated with poisoning horses in Australia. If horses are grazing sorghum-dominant pastures or if they are fed hay containing sorghum species, they may have an increased risk of chronic cyanide poisoning. A higher risk is associated with grazing young sorghum-dominant pastures affected by frost or storms and sorghum hay that has not been cured. The risk of poisoning is generally associated with accumulation of toxic levels of cyanogenic glycosides, resulting in chronic neurotoxicosis.

Source: Alternative Hays for Horses – Kentucky Equine Research