Palestine 1918 to 1948

Israel occupation 1948 –

British Empire occupation 1918 to 1948

Ottoman Empire occupation 1517 to  1918

Saracen Empire occupation 1187 to 1517

British/French Empires occupation 1098 to 1187

Saracen Empire occupation 611 to 1098

Byzantine Empire occupation 300 to 611

Roman Empire occupation 63 BCE to 300

Macedonian Empire occupation 332 BCE to 145 BCE

Babylonian Empire occupation 605 BCE to 332 BCE

Assyrian Empire occupation 745 BCE to 605 BCE

Israel occupation 1200 BCE to 745 BCE

Egyptian Empire occupation 3000 BCE to 1200 BCE

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Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826) – Genealogy

Although he was born into one of the wealthiest families in North America, Thomas Jefferson was deeply in debt when he died. Jefferson’s trouble began when his father-in-law died, and he and his brothers-in-law quickly divided the estate before its debts were settled. It made each of them liable for the whole amount due – which turned out to be more than they expected.

Jefferson sold land before the American Revolution to pay off the debts, but by the time he received payment, the paper money was worthless amid the skyrocketing inflation of the war years. Cornwallis ravaged Jefferson’s plantation during the war, and British creditors resumed their collection efforts when the conflict ended. Jefferson suffered another financial setback when he cosigned notes for a relative who reneged on debts in the financial Panic of 1819. Only Jefferson’s public stature prevented creditors from seizing Monticello and selling it out from under him during his lifetime.

After his death, his possessions were sold at auction. In 1831, Jefferson’s 552 acres (223 hectares) were sold to James T. Barclay for $7,000, equivalent to $143 thousand today.[44] Thomas Jefferson is buried on his Monticello estate, in Charlottesville, Virginia. In his will, he left Monticello to the United States to be used as a school for orphans of navy officers. His epitaph, written by him with an insistence that only his words and “not a word more” be inscribed (notably omitting his service as Governor of Virginia, Vice-President and President), reads:

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Deed of Mortgage of Slaves to Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 21 Nove …

one hundred and fifty slaves specially named and described in the said deeds, whereupon there remains to the said Thomas an equity of redemption on payment of the sums of money due to the said mortgagees respectively and for securing whereof the said mortgages were executed, and whereas the said Van Staphorsts & Hubbard have now lately and since the dates of the said deeds lent to the said Thomas the further sum of two thousand dollars, now therefore for securing the same, and in consideration of the further sum of five shillings to him in hand paid he hath given granted and conveyed unto the said Nicholas and Jacob Van Staphorsts & Hubbard all his right and equity of redemption in the said hundred and fifty negro slaves in full and absolute right and dominion. Provided nevertheless that if the said Thomas shall faithfully pay to the said Van Staphorsts & Hubbard the said sum of two thousand dollars with lawful interest thereon, then these presents to become void. Witness his hand and seal the day and year above written

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