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Some of the early quantitative methods included the successful identification by Yale mathematics professor Benoit Mandelbrot of patterns in cotton prices in the 1960s. From this and subsequent investigations, Mandelbrot developed the theory of fractals, which applies to such divergent phenomena as turbulence in liquids, the structure of plants, and the behavior of markets.

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Quantitative investing represents an investing technique typically employed by the most sophisticated, technically advanced hedge funds. These quant shops employ fast computers to find predictable patterns within financial data. Some of the larger quant shops include but are not limited to Renaissance Technologies’ Medallion Fund, D. E. Shaw, Barclay’s Global Investments (now known as Blackrock), Numerics, GMO, First Quadrant,Robeco, etc.

Typically, quant investing is implemented by people who have spent time in the physics, math, computer science, or statistics disciplines. The condensed results of quantitative analyses, however, can be readily accessible to all far-from-quantitative investors, when presented in an intuitive framework. For example, “The Quant Investor’s Almanac 2011: A Roadmap to Investing” (Wiley, 2010)[1] brings quantitative investing strategies to everyday investors without scientific background.

The process consists of thorough examination of vast databases searching for repeating patterns — persistent occurrences of a phenomena, correlations among liquid assets (“statistical arbitrage” or “pairs trading”), or price-movement patterns (“trend following” or “mean reversion”).


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Find a viable trading strategy that you’re both comfortable with and confident in

Backtest your strategy—with MATLAB®, Excel, and other platforms—to ensure good historical performance

Build and implement an automated trading system to execute your strategy

Scale up or wind down your strategies depending on their real-world profitability

Manage the money and risks involved in holding positions generated by your strategy

Incorporate advanced concepts that most professionals use into your everyday trading activities

via Quantitative Trading: How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business (Wiley Trading) (9780470284889): Ernie Chan: Books.