Spotify on Amazon speakers – Spotify

You can also make Spotify the default player from your Amazon online account page: 
    Log in to your Amazon Alexa online account. 

    Under Music Services, select Choose default music service.

    Under Default music library, choose Spotify. 

    Click Done. 
Alexa will now automatically play music from Spotify, so there’s no need to specify this with your voice commands

Microsoft Windows XP – Change the primary monitor

To change the primary monitor

This procedure applies when two or more monitors are connected to one computer.

1. Open Display in Control Panel.
2. On the Settings tab, click the monitor icon that represents the monitor you want to designate as the primary one.
3. Select the Use this device as the primary monitor check box.

This check box is unavailable when you select the monitor icon that is currently set as your primary monitor.


To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.


Source: Microsoft Windows XP – Change the primary monitor