– PC Remote Controller

use your mobile device to remote control your pc with touch screen with realtime video and keyboard and mouse control simple to use with pinch zoom, intuitive UI with multimedia controls, automatic network scanner etc..

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Complete Brand New Linux POS with Android Tablet for Restaurants

LinuxPOS software: Vigore

Complete Point of sale software solutions . Easy to use with management control for sales analysis,payroll, inventory and menu adjustments.

Epic Android Tablet:

Android Tablet POS system that can Speed up order taking process by sending the orders to kitchen and bill printing. Reduce mistakes and cross sale additional items to clients

E-Digital Menu Board:

Digital Signage using the latest Android Tablet technology. Appealing and captures customer’s attention with special deal of chef special.

Amber Systems Technologies 4725 First St. #275 Pleasanton CA 94566


Wyse – X90cw 11.6″ LED Netbook – Intel Atom Z520 1.33 GHz – X90cw

Secure mobile computing. Without compromise.

The sleek Wyse X90cw mobile thin client features the benefits of other Wyse virtual clients, but in a form factor ideal for the mobile worker. Because the Wyse X90cw mobile thin client has no hard drives and no server-side data stored on the device, these devices are highly secure. That means that mobile workers no longer have to worry as much about exposure of sensitive data to insecure environments. As all data is stored and accessed remotely, the risk of data loss through stolen or mislaid laptops is eliminated.

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Edubuntu, Linux Terminal Server and thin clients

How can you get this all to work without resorting to magic or hiring a magician? LTSP, the Linux Terminal Server Project is a free software project intended to make the setup easy. The clients configure via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and download a minimal GNU/Linux operating system from the server using TFTP (Tiny File Transfer Protocol). The GNU/Linux operating system for the client boots and uses a file system on the server and the memory of the client to do everything. The initial network boot can be done by a ROM (Read Only Memory) resident program on the client. Most PCs since 1998 have this capability built into the BIOS if there is a Network Interface Controller (NIC) built into the motherboard. The BIOS setup may mention PXE, Pre-Execution Environment or network in the booting section. Others can incorporate a boot loader in a socket on the NIC into the BIOS of the PC, or boot from a floppy, USB device, hard drive or CD.

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:: Thinstation – a light, full-featured Linux thin client OS ::

Thinstation is mainly intended for schoolroom, office, company or department use, but can be used at home (eg. for a silent PC in the bedroom that ‘runs’ XP on your workstation in the back room).

Whilst Thinstation is based on Linux, users may actually never see Linux at all. If you decide to connect directly to a Microsoft Windows, Citrix or Unix server, the user will feel that they are running directly on the server. But, you can also have a local Desktop interface (with a local Browser & other tools).




:: Thinstation – a light, full-featured Linux thin client OS ::.