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news.eternal-september.org is a private project providing free access to text-only Usenet News. The server has a 100MBit connection to several Internet backbones and is integrated into the Usenet via more than 60 peers.

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IP Address Tools

IP Address Tools on ipinfo.info

Google search page with My IP Address added.

Makes a good browser start page.

Google IP

Powerful IP Address Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

IP Toolbar

Small My IP Address webpage

small IP page

Minimalistic My IP Address webpage (for PDAs)

micro IP page

Tiny My IP Address popup window

tiny IP popup

Free My IP Address buttons for your website

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Will Hack For SUSHI » Verizon MiFi Pwned (maybe they should take my class)

Exploitation (with 100% more Evil)

We know that WPA/WPA2-PSK networks are vulnerable to offline dictionary attacks, despite the efforts of the IEEE 802.11 committee to thwart the attack by reducing the speed of password guessing. Manipulating this mechanism, tools such as coWPAtty’s “genpmk” and Aircrack-ng’s “Airolib-ng” spend up-front time precomputing all the possible key guesses in a dictionary file, accelerating the cracking time when the attack is implemented. A limiting factor in this precomputation attack is that all the password guesses need to be computed for each unique SSID.

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