Customize Headers with Image in MySpace | PimpWebpage

The following code will enhance the look of the headers in your profile page. Select and host an image that is around 20×20 pixels. In the code be sure to replace “IMAGE URL GOES HERE” for the background-image attribute with a valid image url.

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 * Create a new CSS rule

You can create a CSS rule to automate the formatting of HTML tags or a range of text identified by class or ID attributes.

Place the insertion point in the document, and then do one of the following to open the New CSS Rule dialog box:

Select Format > CSS Styles > New.

In the CSS Styles panel (Window > CSS Styles), click the New CSS Rule (+) button located in the lower-right side of the panel.

Select text in the Document window, select New CSS Rule from the Targeted Rule pop-up menu in the CSS Property inspector (Window > Properties); then click the Edit Rule button or select an option from the Property inspector (for example, click the Bold button), to initiate a new rule.

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 * CSS Styles panel

In Current mode, the CSS Styles panel displays three panes: a Summary for Selection pane that displays the CSS properties for the current selection in the document, a Rules pane that displays the location of selected properties (or a cascade of rules for the selected tag, depending on your selection), and a Properties pane that lets you edit CSS properties for the rule applied to the selection.

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Register a domain and get business applications included – Google Apps

New domains come pre-configured with Google Apps

It’s easy and inexpensive to get a custom domain and start building your business’ online presence. Your domain will be automatically configured to work with Google services including Google Sites and Gmail for custom email addresses.

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FrontPage Tips: Open a New Window with HTML

Setting a Default

If you want all the links on your page to open in a new window you don’t have to modify every one. It’s a simple matter to apply a default setting for the page so that all the links behave the same way. Here’s how…

Insert the following code…

<base target="_blank">

…into the header of your document’s HTML (i.e. anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags but not inside any other pairs of tags already there). You can substitute “_blank” with one of the other names if appropriate.

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Gmail Filter? – Gmail Help

I exported the filter and I looked at the XML, but it is using a totally different syntax so I cannot just edit the filter by putting OR in between terms and re-importing the filter. Does anyone know what edits I should make to the XML to make it do what I want?

XML content of the two filters I want to make into one is below. Obviously, EMAIL ADDRESSES HAVE BEEN CHANGED to avoid spam crawlers.

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Adding a LinkedIn Profile Button to your Webpage

Okay, not exactly the best topic for a post. But it took me a couple minutes to find the right link and I need something posted to test out the new blog!

Here’s how to add a button to a LinkedIn profile onto your webpage.

Log into LinkedIn

Click on “Edit My Profile” in the left-hand menu

Click on the “Edit Public Profile Settings” link

Under the “Public Profile”, click the “customized button” link

Choose a button

Cut-and-paste the code onto your webpage!

Or, if you’re already logged in to LinkedIn, click here to pick your button.

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How do I add a facebook link onto my website, so people can add me as a friend? – Yahoo! Answers

Those links are what Facebook likes to call “Badges.” Go to your profile. Scroll all the way to the bottom. On the lower left hand column you should see a link that says “Create Profile Badge.” Click that. From there you can edit a Badge to show the info you’d like. At the end, it will give you some html code that you can copy and paste into another website or blog. When people click on your Badge, they will get sent directly to your Facebook info box.

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Archos opens up its own Android app store:

It seems that Archos has opened up its own application store for Android devices (especially, I assume, its own).  The first application to be offered there is DroidIn, a LinkedIn client for the Android platform.  Only free applications are supported by the store at this point.

this has really good Dreamweaver hover boxes

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Web Design Tutorials – SmartWebby’s Web Design Guide

Web Design Tutorials

SmartWebby’s Free Web Design Guide

We have a quality collection of articles, tips, guidelines and tutorials on effective web site design. From web design tips & ideas to HTML, CSS Styles, Fireworks and Dreamweaver tutorials, you’ll find all you need to know about current web design trends right here.

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via Web Design Tutorials – SmartWebby’s Web Design Guide.

Cool Text Effects

Text Links Rollover

This effect is got by using the hover property for the tag or any named css style used for links. For defining the default text link rollover throughout the site you can set the a:hover style. Open your site in Dreamweaver and do the following:

Open any page of your site and select window > CSS Styles and Click the New CSS Style button (+ icon), a pop-up window will show up.

Setting a:hover – Select Advanced in the Selector Type. Now select a:hover from the Selector list box.

Setting any other link style’s hover – if you have already created a css style called say “links”, to set the links:hover style – Select Advanced in the Selector Type. Now type links:hover in the Selector list box space. [To use this style just select and right click the tag in the tag selector located at the bottom left of the Document window. For the Set Class attribute select links from the list.]

Define the style in an existing Style Sheet, a new Style sheet or embedded in your current Document, and click OK.

In the CSS Style Definition pop-up window that appears give the Text specifications in the Category: Type. Now try the following effects separately or together:

Tick the checkbox none if you don’t want any underline to appear for the links on rollover.

Tick underline if you want it to appear (this is usually used if the a:link or .links style is given the none property for no underline to appear for the links without rolling over them).

Give the weight as bold.

Change the link color property to something other than the a:link colo

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via Cool Text Effects.

dreamweaver cs3 and hover text – HTML and CSS

Solution 1.

Use the simple but effective alt command. You don’t need any rollover or javascript this is simple HTML. Here is a string of code

Help with Code Tags

HTML and CSS Syntax (Toggle Plain Text)

when your mouse goes over the image the words cool picture will appear in a little yellow box

Solution 2.

This requires a little complicated DreamWeaver Function that uses some Javascript. What you do is go to the little image icon that has a tree on it and click on the tiny arrow next to it. This will make a drop down menu of things you can do with images, one of them being image rollover.

The Image rollover is suppose to be used to change images but you can also have text appear when the image changes though I think the alt command is a lot simpler then getting into javascript.

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Google Image Result for

You can download any of these arrow animated gifs for free by right clicking on the gif animation and selecting “save as”. Please consider linking back to us if you use any of these animated gifs.

Google Image Result for