How to Convert a Website for a Mobile Browser |

Use the mobile simulator to view a mobile optimized version of the current website to get an idea of what to eliminate. Type in the complete website address and click the “Search” button to convert the current site.

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FrontPage Tips: Open a New Window with HTML

Setting a Default

If you want all the links on your page to open in a new window you don’t have to modify every one. It’s a simple matter to apply a default setting for the page so that all the links behave the same way. Here’s how…

Insert the following code…

<base target="_blank">

…into the header of your document’s HTML (i.e. anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags but not inside any other pairs of tags already there). You can substitute¬†“_blank” with one of the other names if appropriate.

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Gmail Filter? – Gmail Help

I exported the filter and I looked at the XML, but it is using a totally different syntax so I cannot just edit the filter by putting OR in between terms and re-importing the filter. Does anyone know what edits I should make to the XML to make it do what I want?

XML content of the two filters I want to make into one is below. Obviously, EMAIL ADDRESSES HAVE BEEN CHANGED to avoid spam crawlers.

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Adding a LinkedIn Profile Button to your Webpage

Okay, not exactly the best topic for a post. But it took me a couple minutes to find the right link and I need something posted to test out the new blog!

Here’s how to add a button to a LinkedIn profile onto your webpage.

Log into LinkedIn

Click on “Edit My Profile” in the left-hand menu

Click on the “Edit Public Profile Settings” link

Under the “Public Profile”, click the “customized button” link

Choose a button

Cut-and-paste the code onto your webpage!

Or, if you’re already logged in to LinkedIn, click here to pick your button.

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