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Install Google Chrome and add the Google Cast extension to itSet up your Chromecast to work with your PC or MacOpen VLC Player and start the media file you want to stream to your TVOpen a new tab in Chrome and, using Google Cast, select “Cast screen/window (experimental)”Your entire computer desktop will now be streaming to Chromecast. Click back to VLC Player and knock it into fullscreen mode and voila, you’ve got VLC Player streaming to your TV via Chromecast

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I’m using this as a my home server. The installed OS is Ubuntu 9.10_amd64 and I have 2GB of RAM installed. I’m running multiple drupal sites, Mediatomb for streaming media to my PS3, and Samba for printer/file sharing. With all of that running, this machine can FLY! I was worried that Mediatomb would bog the machine down since it transcodes video so that the PS3 can view my files (come on Sony and allow more codecs!), but it still keeps up. I use it as my webserver for a home web design company, and my clients have never complained about slow access to their test sites. I moved to mini-itx in an effort to use less power, since the machine has to be on constantly. I’m sold!

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BunnyCam – Live Streaming Webcam from Ontario, Canada

Go to the Live Pet / Animal Cams

‘BunnyCam’ is now deactivated.

Broadcasters can reactivate their streams by logging into the system at least once every 30 days. If you are the broadcaster, log in and your stream will reactivate immediately

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Static IP VPN

Your own Static IP Address Server.

Your own Static IP Address Server.

We’ve had many requests for both dedicated Static IPservers with and for standard Personal VPN subscriptions that have a static IP address. The following products fill both of those needs.

The Static IP address Personal VPN service provides the same service for securing your data and unblocking web sites as the standard Personal VPN service. However, you will receive a fixed IP address configuration to use for your service.

Shared servers provide a static IP address useful for accessing web sites and servers, that for security purposes, require a fixed IP address. As with the standard Personal VPN service they do not allow for incoming connections for security purposes.

Private servers provide a static IP address and a dedicated server of your own. If you need incoming connections we can work with you to set it up on this service since no other customers would be affected. Please email us with your specific requirements.

Static IP Address Shared VPN Server Plan Includes:

–Shared VPN server with a static IP VPN address

–Unlimited bandwidth

–Single user account

$21.99 per month – $249.99 per Yea

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