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Intel Atom Z3735F, clocked at 1.33 GHz

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MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone ElectronicsI use this mic to capture the voices from meetings in a conference room. I run Camtasia to capture the video portion of a slide or other computer/projected presentation and the audio portion from the mic and then encode it and store the movie on our corporate file server for future viewing. The conference table is 30′ long. Since the mic has 180 degree coverage, I place the mic close to one end of the table pointing towards the other end. It is very sensitive and has good frequency response. I adjust the record level using the computer audio mixer controls or the audio level control in Camtasia. Due to the wide frequency response range of this mic, it will also pick up AC noise, but I use the filters build into Camtasia to get rid of that frequency range. You could also use any other goood audio editing program such as Audacity no costto do this. Highly recommended.

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Flip-Top Dell Inspiron Duo Makes a Terrible Tablet | Gadget Lab |

The biggest problem is the price. As specced, you’ll need to pay $550, plus another $100 for the JBL speaker dock (which also adds ethernet and more USB ports). This computer seems little more than a cynical cash-in, a product trying to get in on the current tablet hotness without actually making a proper tablet.