Dell releases unofficial Chrome OS Linux desktop – Computerworld Blogs

Of all the big computer companies, only Dell really supports desktop Linux. Specifically, Dell offers a nice selection of PCs running Ubuntu Linux. But what Dell hasn’t done is come out and announce that they are working on Google’s beta Chrome OS. Other vendors, such as Acer, HP and Lenovo, are on board with Chrome. Regardless, Dell is actually the first big-time vendor to have released a version of Chrome OS designed to work with one of their netbooks.

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A Guide to Mobile Emulators | mobiForge

A Guide to Mobile Emulators


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In a previous article, I put forward a three-point plan for testing mobile Web sites. One of the points involved the use of emulators for first-pass device testing. This article concentrates on configuring emulators for mobile site testing (it also highlights emulators that can be used to test mobile applications too). It outlines the different types of emulator available, the best ones to use, and the various ways in which they can be used.

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